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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uncovering the Truth about Police and ICE Collaboration

Check out the website at to find information about special actions happening this week aimed at “Uncovering the Truth on Police and ICE Collaboration.”

NSM of Philadelphia -- as well as many other national and local immigrant rights, criminal justice and social justice groups throughout the country -- will be featured in stories and photos.

The “Uncovering the Truth” week of activities is intended to be a coordinated effort to get local groups asking questions about police and ICE collaboration in their communities, and to get lawmakers in Congress focused on holding the Department of Homeland Security accountable.

Deportation programs like the Department of Homeland Security’s misnamed “Secure Communities” program are set to be in every U.S jail by 2013 without the public, elected officials, and sometimes police chiefs themselves knowing. Indeed, the program has been advanced in secrecy despite significant public attention paid to the devastating consequences to communities where police enforcement of immigration law has been piloted.

Read more about the Uncovering the Truth campaign ...

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