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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Immigration Rally @ Sen Casey's office 10am on Thurs May 6th

Today, with the introduction of Rep. Medcalfe's HB 2479, Pennsylvania joins the lists of states attempting to replicate Arizona style anti- immigrant legislation.   Quite simply, congressional inaction has created a void, allowing state representatives to propose hateful policies.  We cannot allow this to continue. 

Please join us this Thursday, at 10 AM, as we rally at Sen. Casey's office (2000 Market St) and demand that he protect Pennsylvania from wrongheaded policies by showing leadership in Congress to pass fair, humane, and practical comprehensive immigration reform this year. 
The 10 AM rally at Sen. Casey's office (2000 Market) will be followed by a march down Market Street to Love Park, where faith leaders will join with the Mayor's National Day of Prayer event, to offer prayers on behalf of immigration reform.  Bring posters, American flags, noisemakers, and as many people as possible with you -- together, we must send a strong message that we will not stand by and let our state follow in the footsteps of Arizona.

Rep. Medcalfe's proposal is exactly the wrong approach to our broken immigration system, because it will strain law enforcement to the breaking point, will undoubtedly lead to racial profiling, and will inevitably lead to lawsuits that cost the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.  Instead, we need reform that will help our economy while creating jobs, protect our workers, create a fair and practical path to citizenship, and make us safer with smarter enforcement.

One more thing:
Today!  Call President Obama.  Let him know about the introduction of this bill in PA, and tell him you are counting on him to deliver on his promise to pass immigration reform this year. 
Toll Free Numbers:  English line: 866-956-8590  Spanish line: 866-584-3906
RSVP for Thursdays rally:

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