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Friday, May 21, 2010

May 26 From Philly to Phoenix, Just Immigration Reform NOW

Rally in front of the Constitution Center
gather at 5th and Market at 11:30 am
followed by a march through center city.
Come to call for an executive order from Obama to reverse SB 1070. Call for the end of all collaborations between the police and ICE. And demand leadership from the federal government to move comprehensive immigration reform, before things get worse.
Since last month’s passage of Arizona’s law, SB 1070, criminalizing immigrants and creating state sanctioned racial profiling, ten other states have introduced similar anti-immigrant legislation, including PA, where Sen. Metcalfe has introduced the HB 2479.
Simultaneously, policies such as Secure Communities, that encourage police and ICE collaboration, are spreading across the country, and is happening here in Philadelphia, under the radar. As grassroots and political pressure mounts for action and leadership on immigration reform, Arizona has shown Congress and the nation, the time to act is now! 
We are facing a critical moment in the course of history, not unlike the abolition movement, or the civil rights movement. Arizona SB 1070 is a regression in the fight for the civil rights and dignity of all. We must respond!

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